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“Finding and using 'Brace Yourself' has proved a real godsend in keeping talented young players motivated in the difficult period subsequent to having orthodontic work. The young musicians don't lose their technique only some of the upper range and the music in 'Brace yourself' is appealing, challenging and rewarding for them to play whilst adjusting to their 'new' embouchure and redeveloping their range.”
Tony Whittingham - Senior brass tutor, Halton & Warrington District Music Service


“I really love your Brace Yourself for Brass Trumpet edition. I would give you a 10/10!!!! Say a BIG WELL DONE to the musicians.”
Ollie Parker, aged 11 - Bookham, Surrey


'We even listen to the CD in the car!'
Ollie's mum!


"Brace Yourself for Brass is a fantastic resource for students who have had the dreaded brace fitted! The material is challenging but sensitive in terms of register, and playing along to the CD is great fun. My students and I have really enjoyed using this book."
Giles Liddiard - Brass Peripatetic teacher, Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Service


Foxy Dots Music is an independent publisher specialising in music for brass.

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Brace Yourself for Brass is a book for brass players whose budding career has been temporarily thwarted by an orthodontist.

Brace Yourself for Brass is a collection of eight intermediate to advanced solo pieces written specifically for brass players with braces. The jazz style tunes are deliberately written in the low register and focus on finger technique and rhythm.

Brace Yourself for Brass enables students to carry on playing music at their technical ability without having to negotiate notes in the upper register. So, instead of students putting their playing career on hold while their teeth are straightened, Brace Yourself for Brass enables players to continue on with interesting and challenging music.

Brace Yourself for Brass - Trombone

Brace Yourself for Brass
for Trombone or Euphonium


Brace Yourself

Brace Yourself for Brass
for Trumpet

Brace Yourself for Brass is available in two formats:
- Sheet Music in the form of an old fashioned book
- Download pdf file.

Advantage of Sheet Music:
Professionally printed and produced books and CD for greater quality and durability.
Includes piano accompaniment

Advantage of Download:
Instant access to the music

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Sheet music

Sheet music




Brace Yourself for Brass



Sheet music

Sheet music



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