New Brace Yourself for Brass music

Following the great success of the original Brace Yourself for Brass books I’ve started work on writing some new orthodontic friendly tunes. Using the original concept of pieces written in the low register that provide a technical challenge, these new tunes called the Honking Horn Collection place the performer in the midst of a red hot horn section.

Currently these tunes are only available as a download, but once I’ve written enough to make publishing a book worthwhile it will certainly go into print!

Have a listen to Bull Doze, the first in the Honking Horn Collection below.

Music for brass players with braces

Brace Yourself for Brass is Foxy Dots Music’s most popular publication. These pieces are deliberately written in the low register, avoiding the pain inducing high notes for brass players with braces. At the same time the Brace Yourself for Brass pieces are technically challenging in order to keep the player’s interest (and sanity) whilst their teeth are being realigned. Born out of a teacher’s frustration at losing promising students to the scourge of the orthodontist Brace Yourself for Brass could rescue a future brass star’s career!

Brace Yourself for Brass is available for Trumpet and also Trombone or Euphonium (bass clef) as a download or printed book with CD.

New music for early grade tuba players

Foxy Dots Music brings you Heavy Weights – a collection of early grade pieces for tuba players available for Eb and F tubas, and Bb and C tubas. You can have a listen to some of the pieces in the YouTube videos below.

Heavy Weights is featured on the Trinity exam tuba syllabus (grades 1, 2, 3 & 4).
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A beginners tutor book written especially for Eb tuba

Tuba Tooter was the first book to be published by Foxy Dots Music. Written through a frustration of seeing tutor books being called tuba books when in fact they were more likely trumpet books transposed down 2 octaves! Tuba Tooter is a beginners’ tutor book written exclusively for Eb tuba players, by a tuba player.

Tuba Tooter now comes in two editions one for Eb tuba in bass clef and one for Eb tuba in treble clef (Eb bass).
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